With news that NBC are now widely reported to be seeking a replacement for current 'Today' co-host Ann Curry, the press are pondering who is looking most likely to land the job, with the network keen to reassert a dominance on morning television that has been eroded by ABC's 'Good Morning America' in recent months.
It's worth pointing out that Curry hasn't officially left yet, and that Nbc haven't made an official comment about it, but from the chatter and inside sources, her imminent departure seems all but assured. There doesn't seem to be any obvious candidate to replace Curry, and she herself seemingly managed to gain the position by simply outlasting many of her in-house competition at Nbc. However the belief is that the strong option is looking like Savannah Guthrie, who has been with the network herself since 2007. An attorney, she got her first exposure on Court TV and is well known for reporting trials including Michael Jackson's.
Hoda Kotb could be another option too. She joined 'Today' in 2007, the same year she revealed her battle with breast cancer. Such is the nature of television that it's believe this could be an angle that would give her a more defined image than Guthrie who hasn't yet really got much of a hook in her personality, according to the New York Daily News. Of course, this could all prove moot if Curry manages somehow to stay on.