It looked, for a while, as though Ann Curry was going to take the money and run, when she was offered $10 million to walk away from her job at NBC's Today show. The latest report from Nbc, however, suggests that it's not going to be such an easy deal. Ann's lawyers are currently grappling with the network, to ensure that Curry gets the best deal that she can out of the humiliation of her public sacking.
According to Tmz, Nbc have already lined up a replacement for Curry, in Savannah Guthrie and will be keen to get her started before the Olympics begins. Right now, though, they are still grappling with Curry's lawyers who are not happy with the offer of $10 million and a job as a foreign correspondent. Curry was one year into a $10 million per year contract. Her lawyers are apparently looking for the full $20 million pay-out. If Nbc did stretch to the full pay-out, however, it's likely that they would prevent her from working anywhere else for those two years. Great for the bank balance, not so great for the career.
It's not currently clear what Curry's intentions are, in terms of a job-switch. Nor is it clear how long Nbc intend to have her returning to the Today show sofa. Tmz have suggested that their aim is to have resolved contractual issues and make an announcement regarding Savannah before the end of this week, or early next week at the latest.