Speculation that Geraldo Rivera's days on the Fox News Channel may be numbered arose over the weekend as Rivera himself acknowledged on his "Geraldo at Large" program that he has found himself increasingly "out of sync" with the rest of FNC's right-leaning personalities. On the program, which featured as a guest conservative commentator Ann Coulter, Rivera read an email that he had received from a viewer calling him "a bad apple" among the channel's lineup. "You don't fit," the viewer wrote. "Ann Coulter is right. You must be from MSNBC or CNBC. Please go somewhere else." When Rivera turned to Coulter, she responded, "Are you expecting me to defend you from this? Cause it's not gonna [happen.]" Rivera laughed, then quipped, "Et tu Brute?" The segment was later posted on YouTube under the title, "Fox Viewers & Ann Coulter Ready to Purge Geraldo."