OSCAR-winning actress Anjelica Huston loves working with film-maker WES ANDERSON so much, she would do anything he directed her to without thinking twice.

THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS star escapes into another world when she is on set with Anderson - something she finds essential to making original movies.

The 53-year-old, who recently finished working on Anderson's THE LIFE ACQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU, says, "I love to work with him, he's challenging and exacting and has his own particular sensibility.

"When I go to movies I love to forget about my own life. I love to go to a movie theatre and enter into another world.

"Going to work with Wes is like entering another world, it's always a little off to the side of reality. I'm apt to be an emotional actress and pretty instinctual, and Wes tempers that, he's very precise and has a clear idea of what he wants.

"I'd do practically anything for Wes, I'd walk the plank for him."

04/02/2005 17:37