Actress Anjelica Huston has become an expert at scoring good bargains at market stalls after picking up tips from her fashion designer pal Jade Jagger.
The Addams Family star admits she was never one to hunt for cheap sales before and would often just hand over the asking price.
But, after spending time with Jagger while filming The Darjeeling Limited in Rajasthan, India, Huston has become more bargain savvy - and now she can't wait to get haggling when she jets off to Morocco later this month (Oct10).
She tells the New York Post's Page Six column, "We were buying fabrics in Rajasthan, and they'd show us some great stuff. I'd automatically pull out my money and she'd (Jagger) say, 'Don't you dare do that! That's so insulting! I wouldn't pay half of what they're asking!' And then she'd start the conversation."