OSCAR-winning actress Anjelica Huston is currently hobbling around, after her energetic dance moves left her with a sore back.

The PRIZZI'S HONOR star loves to sharpen up her footwork in her spare time, but she recently put too much effort into it, and was left struggling to even walk.

She says, "I danced so strenuously last Friday that I was hobbling, actually, up until today. I've had several visits with the chiropractor even to be able to sort of crawl (around today).

"I dance in a studio sort of a block away from my house and I have a great guy who comes who I've known since we used to skate together in the '70s. His name is VALENTINO, which is a good name for a dancer and he puts me through an extraordinary kind of pretzel-like series of movements. It's not pretty."

25/04/2005 21:24