Actress Anjelica Huston has become the latest star to take aim at U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, stating the fact the Alaskan Governor is even in the race for the White House is "depressing".
The Witches star admits she's "terrified by the politics of Mrs. Palin" and disturbed by her love of hunting.
Huston states, "This is a woman who is shooting caribou from the air, from helicopters. It's like going back in time to some kind of fantasy of the 1950s, and I find it very depressing.
"I think people are looking at the election as a reality show. I think people have forgotten that this is about the presidency of the United States. They are looking at this like (reality TV show) Living Lohan or The Osbournes or something. I just can't imagine that this is happening."