Actress Anjelica Huston has blasted the bosses of a job-hunting website for opting to use real chimpanzees in their upcoming big-budget Super Bowl commercial.
The Witches star sent chiefs multiple copies of her Peta video expose about the shady and cruel side of the ape acting industry when she first heard about the ad plans, but the website owners ignored her concerns - and the footage.
Now, animal lover Huston has fired off a letter to company Ceo Matt Ferguson, urging him to reconsider - and use animatronic apes instead.
She writes, "It is astonishing that you are unmoved by the videos, photographs, and case reports of what befalls these animals from the moment they are taken from their mothers to the moment they die.
"Innovative companies use animatronics or computer-generated imagery... These chimpanzees are set to endure a lifetime of abuse for your 30-second spot - a point that no thinking person will find funny in the least."