Anjelica Huston finds it easier to kiss on camera than in real life.

The iconic actress - whose husband Robert Graham died in 2008 from a rare form of blood disease - admits it has been some time since she locked lips with a man but thinks it is part of her ''slow emergence'' from the grieving process.

She said: ''I can [kiss] with impunity in front of 200 technicians and two million viewers. Personal kissing? One is tempted. It's part of my slow emergence. It may take a little while for the elements to catch up with me, but I hope so.''

Discussing her husband, Anjelica - who also dated Jack Nicholson for 17 years - proclaims he was a ''genius''.

She added: ''I finally met someone who said what they were going to do and did it. He was single-minded in his pursuit of me and a genius in his own right.''

However she admits she has struggled with losing her husband because she found she wanted to be alone a lot.

She told the Radio Times: ''People treat you differently as a widow. You think people would be comforting. They are not.''