Anjelica Huston is set to star in the latest film by director Wes Anderson, THE LIFE AQUATIC.

Anjelica - who previously worked with Wes on THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS - admits that she wanted to reteam with the director because of the precise characterisation and informal atmosphere on set.

She says, "Wes is just great. He's so smart and really laid back and just provides you with all of this information.

"Before I went to do The Royal Tenenbaums I got all of these very particular, precise drawings about how my character would look, what she wore with arrows pointing to everything.

"He does a full survey of the script like a road map of your character - which is great. He is very precise and knows what he wants. He also makes a very nice set."

Anderson regulars Bill Murray and Owen Wilson also return in THE LIFE AQUATIC, the tale of a search for a mythical shark.

Angelica says, "This movie is about STEVE ZISSOU, who's an underwater explorer kind of along the lines of COUSTEAU.

"He's a documentarian and I play his wife. It involves all kind of exotic underwater creatures."

27/06/2003 19:22