Anjelica Huston admits it was hard growing up with a father who spent a lot of time away from home.

The 'Horrid Henry' actress says she didn't see her dad - the legendary writer-and-actor John Huston - very much because he was often away on work projects and while he always used to bring her presents back, she says it was tough.

She said: "He'd loaded down with strange things from foreign lands. There'd be hampers full of kimonos and Mexican tea sets, we'd put on plays. My brother and I would look forward to it for weeks beforehand.

"But it was hard having a parent that one generally wrote letters to. So the excitement of seeing him in the flesh was so great that when he left again we'd be clinging on to his ankles and begging him not to go."

The 60-year-old star also admitted her father was quite scary because he had such authority.

She said: "He was big and tall - I only remember him having one friend who was taller and scarier than he was - and he had this deep voice and he was certainly commanding. He was always sweet with me when I was a little girl but there was no question that he was in charge of all situations."