Anjelica Huston found working on 'Horrid Henry: The Movie' "charming".

The 60-year-old actress - who plays Miss Battle-Axe in the big screen version of the popular British children's book - says it was nice to work with young English actors because they're very enthusiastic compared to their American counterparts.

She said: "Most of the scenes were with Theo Stevenson (Horrid Henry) but English kids are so polite and enthusiastic, and not blase. I did that movie 'Daddy Day Care', with a bunch of American kids, and they were so sophisticated and scarily together compared with this group, who were sweet and happy and enthusiastic. The Script was very charming, I liked the director and it felt like a good idea to go and play in London for a while."

Angelica says another one of the appeals of the movie was getting to play Miss Battle-Axe, a character she found "irresistible".

She said: "It's very British material to me, and I've always been strangely attracted to these extreme characters, like Miss Battle-Axe. I found her irresistible!"