Soul singer Anita Baker was stunned when she saw a Tv news report declaring her to be a wanted woman.

A warrant was issued for the star's arrest in Detroit, Michigan on Wednesday (19Mar14) after she failed to show up in court for a hearing relating to a long-running legal battle over a home decorating bill.

Baker, who was sued over an outstanding $15,000 (£9,400), has now revealed she was shocked to find out about the arrest warrant on Tv, writing in a post on, "Whattt??!! (sic)... sittin' (sic) in the kitchen watching this on Tv. Big time crazy. Atty (attorney) on his way to Tv Station. Devil sho (sure) is busy."

Baker's lawyer, Jamal Hamood, has since insisted the 56 year old was unaware of the legal action and is currently out of town. He plans to file a motion to dismiss the warrant.