Oscar-nominated Australian movie Animal Kingdom is heading to the small screen as a new U.S. TV show.
The drama won a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award nomination for its star Jacki Weaver in her role as the matriarch of a notorious Melbourne crime family, and now it is set for an American revamp.
The film will be made into a TV pilot for U.S. network Showtime with the option of turning it into a full-length series.
The movie's Australian producer, Liz Watts, says, "We would hope it goes into a really long-running series, of course. Certainly, the investors are very happy with the deal... They will relocate it, and it will be totally remade. It is exciting to see it gain its own life and form."
The show will be put together by John Wells Productions, the company responsible for hit political drama The West Wing and the American adaptation of British TV series Shameless.