Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor is tired of his link to SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, insisting he's desperate to "move on" from the role which introduced him to international audiences.
The Indian actor played game show host Prem Kumar in Danny Boyle's Oscar-winning movie in 2008 and admits he still fields questions about the box office hit two years later.
Now Kapoor, who went on to land a role on hit U.S. drama 24, is urging fans and friends to stop asking him about his Slumdog success.
He tells Britain's GMTV, "It was such a long time (ago). Very nostalgic, but I want to get over it. I want to forget about it but people won't let me forget about it. I just want to move on. Please, let's move on. I'd been in 100, more than 100 films, (before Slumdog)."