LATEST: Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor insists the family of Mahatma Gandhi has given approval to a film based on the life of the legendary Indian peacemaker. The star has produced controversial movie Ghandi, My Father - which centres on the troubled relationship between Ghandi and his rebellious son Harilal - and is confident that despite protests ahead of its release, the movie will be a hit because relatives have already praised the effort. It is due for release in India next month (Aug07) but much of the population is outraged by the 'irreverent' way their national hero's private life has been examined. Razi Ahmad, secretary of Gandhi Sangrahalaya, a research centre in Patna, is even calling for India's president to block the movie altogether. But Kapoor says, "As far as I'm concerned the film has been cleared by the censor board with a 'U' certificate without cuts. We're releasing (in India) on 3 August. We've shown the film to many Gandhians and Gandhi's relatives, including his grandson Tushar Gandhi. He had the highest praise for our film. "I didn't make this film because I suddenly got interested in politics. I saw 'Gandhi My Father' as a great father-son story. And the minute I heard about it I wanted to do it. And the fact that the father was the Father Of The Nation put this subject notches above the rut."