Australian rocker Angry Anderson has been dragged into a bizarre security breach battle after he reportedly revealed the sex secrets of a TV personality who joined him on a tour of Afghanistan.
Anderson insists he never made the comments that have prompted officials at Australia's Defence Department to launch an investigation.
The reported comments suggest TV personality Tania Zaetta had sex with special forces soldiers during the tour.
Celebrities on the tour were warned they would breach Defence Force regulations if they fraternised with troops.
Zaetta has denied the allegations and Anderson insists he never made them.
The Rose Tattoo frontman tells The Daily Telegraph newspaper "I don't know where that came from. I don't get into personal or petty dislikes, particularly when it could hamper or have a detrimental effect on a tour.
"I don't know Tania very well. As far as I could tell she conducted herself in a very professional manner. It's two weeks away, it's pretty intense and I pretty much kept myself to myself."