Soul sensation Angie Stone is taking a break from her blossoming music career - to launch her own TV sitcom.

The BROTHA PT II star, 37, has loosely based the untitled comedy on her own life, and will play a single mother who is desperate to succeed in the music industry but jealously discovers her daughter is a better singer.

She says, "I'm developing my own sitcom. It's a mother/daughter sitcom, not like The Parkers but similar. It's about a little girl and a mother, a single parent who is trying to maintain a career in the music industry and finds her daughter has more talent than she does.

"All her life she has wanted to be a star, so now she wants to push her daughter in the limelight and grab her success. We're still putting together the final plans, but it will be hilarious."

06/09/2004 17:13