Soul sensation Angie Stone has slammed Ashanti and CHRISTINA MILIAN - insisting Beyonce Knowles is today's only talented R+B star.

The BROTHA PT II star, 37, adores the DESTINY'S CHILD singer and believes in ten years, music lovers will realise the current crop of R+B stars are poor imitations.

She argues, "All will wear out. It won't matter in ten years, I don't think, because people thrive on music and before long they have a voice. The voice of the people may not like this. No-one wants to be fed on a poor diet when there is some good food available.

"Right now, I like Beyonce, she's the real deal. She's a workaholic, she's humble, she's talented and she's the full package. Silver screen, whatever she wants.

"I think she'll go far. I mean, she's a star in every right, she's managed well, her parents look after her. The beauty of her is that she knows where she's come from and keeps a level head."

01/09/2004 09:03