Former LAW + ORDER star Angie Harmon is so thrilled with motherhood, she's eager to have many more children.

The stunning actress and football star husband Jason Sehorn, who welcomed their daughter FINLEY into the world in October (03), are so utterly ecstatic at starting a family, they want to add to it as soon as people.

Harmon says of parenthood, "It really has been incredible. I'm kind of sad I didn't start sooner. She is so blessed, she's really wonderful and very good-natured and she doesn't cry and all of that kind of stuff.

"We just have this little angel so we're pretty confident that the next ones are just gonna be devils - just terrors, running around the house tearing stuff up.

"It just opens such a deeper level in your life. You just sit there thinking, 'Why don't I have 10 more? Why didn't we start sooner?' She's incredible."

12/05/2004 09:21