Actress Angie Everhart has denied reports British Royal PRINCE ANDREW is the father of her son.
The 40-year-old beauty gave birth to Kayden Bobby Everhart in July (09) via Caesarean section and has refused to name the tot's father.
But she has moved swiftly to slam reports her former flame Prince Andrew fathered the two month old - and also reveals Kayden's dad lives in America and has an active role in his upbringing.
She tells Britain's Mail on Sunday, "Andrew was one of the first people I called when I discovered I was pregnant. He has been nothing but totally supportive to me. Just because I’ve been linked romantically with him in the past it doesn’t mean I am still going to bed with him. Whether I am or not is nobody’s business but ours.
"Kayden’s daddy is someone who is not in the public eye. I have not named him because he asked me not to. He doesn’t want to have to deal with the publicity, but he’s someone who is very closely involved in the upbringing of the baby, he sees him all the time and he lives in Manhattan Beach, not in a palace in London. He has an 18-year-old son and wants to stay anonymous."
But Prince Andrew is keen to play a part in Kayden's life - he has showered the baby with gifts since his birth.
Everhart adds, "Andrew sent me this (babygro) together with a baby blanket and a little sleeping bag, all of which have tiny little crowns on."