Model-turned-actress Angie Everhart became firm friends with new co-star Burt Reynolds after reportedly flashing her breasts at him on their first meeting.

Everhart, who once romanced Sylvester Stallone, was so nervous about meeting Reynolds on the set of CLOUD 9 after replacing Rachel Hunter in the project, she decided to break the ice by flashing him.

Insiders on the set have revealed to newspaper LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS that busty Everhart asked if Reynolds was a fan of practical jokes, and when she discovered he was, she flashed him.

In their first scene, his character is supposed to watch as her's leaves a room and continue his dialogue.

The movie veteran's eyes almost popped out of his head when his co-star turned and bared her breasts to him off-camera.

Everhart has reportedly been going overboard in fight scenes too - she attacked one stuntman with such force he briefly passed out.

25/05/2004 21:13