Former TV siren Angie Dickinson knew it was time to start dressing her age when legendary starmaker IRVING LAZAR berated her for sporting hot pants when she was 40 years old.
The 79 year old was already a movie pin-up when she went on to became a household name after playing a sexy detective in 1970s hit show Police Woman.
But DICkinson realised her time as a sex symbol was coming to an end when agent Lazar laughed at her for wearing sexy shorts.
She reveals on Piers Morgan Tonight, "I got brutally busted and I was about 40 and hot pants came out and I wore them to a nice affair and Irving Lazar said, 'You're too old to wear those'.
"And he was right, by the way. You know it fits you only until a certain time. Then it looks ludicrous... it was the truth. But I adjusted and left my pants on and did just fine. But it just made me aware that the hot part doesn't last that long."