Former 30 SECONDS TO MARS star MATT WACHTER is reportedly set to join rockers Angels And Airwaves - after bassist RYAN SINN was sacked from the band. The Adventure hitmakers - formed by ex-Blink 182 vocalist Tom DeLonge in 2005 - are said to have kicked Sinn out of the group last month (Apr07), and while the bassist refuses to reveal details of the split, he has branded the reasons "severely hypocritical". Writing on fansite, he says, "I received a phone call the evening of April 19th that concluded my relationship with Angels and Airwaves. I could go into an entire novel about my opinions of the whole matter and why I was given the axe, but to me, throwing dirt just seems desperate and tabloidial. "All I'll say as to why I was kicked out, the reasons I was given weren't at all honest, and severely hypocritical to the point of abhorrent disgust." Wachter has been tipped to replace Sinn in Angels and Airwaves after playing several recent U.S. tour dates with them, but the rumours have yet to be confirmed.