The biological grandmother of Angelina Jolie's Ethiopian daughter ZAHARA has accused the man who handled the adoption of threatening to torture her - over fears she would out herself and the child's mum as living relatives. Almaz Elfneh, 45, claims Girma Degu - the man who set the AIDS orphan's adoption into motion - bullied her into handing over the little girl and warned her she'd go to jail if she leaked out the truth. Zahara has been living with Jolie and Brad Pitt since they took over her care in 2005. Elfneh tells British newspaper the Mail On Sunday, "Girma took the baby to Addis Ababa. He promised he would keep in touch. He said he would bring back the baby to visit after five months and he would send me a picture. He also promised to introduce me to the family that would adopt her. "But then Girma came to me and told me that the baby had been adopted and taken abroad. He said there will be journalists coming to you and you must deny the whole story and say it is not your granddaughter. "He tried everything to get me to say that it's not my granddaughter. He even threatened that he'd put me in jail and have me tortured." After stories first began to circulate two years ago (05) that Zahara's birth mother was still alive, Elfneh claims a furious Degu dragged her to the local council offices and accused her of lying, according to the Mail On Sunday.