Protesters are attempting to ban Angelina Jolie's controversial directorial debut over its portrayal of Serbians in the Bosnian Civil War.
In the Land of Blood and Honey chronicles the romance between a Serb soldier and a Bosnian Muslim woman and is set against the backdrop of the 1990s conflict.
However, Branislav Djukic, chairman of the Bosnian Serb Association of Camp Prisoners, believes the film should not be played in the Serb-run part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He says, "I'm shocked with the fact Serbs got roles of main negative characters. Serbs are described in the movie as the only one responsible for the war. We'll do our best to ban the movie."
It is not the first time the wartime drama has caused controversy - members of the Women Victims of War association called for Jolie to be stripped of her role as a United Nations goodwill ambassador over the film.
Earlier this month (Dec11), Jolie screened the movie in the capital city of Sarajevo for a selection of 11 war victims groups, who heaped praise on her efforts.