Angelina Jolie could be sharing the red carpet with a real-life spy - Russian femme fatale ANNA CHAPMAN has been invited to attend the Moscow premiere of the star's movie SALT.
The actress plays a CIA agent accused of being a KGB operative plotting to assassinate the U.S. president in the upcoming film.
Last month, (Jun10) ten Russians - including Chapman - were arrested in the U.S. for spying and were deported back to their homeland after they admitted espionage.
Now promoters of Salt are desperate to have Chapman as a special guest alongside Jolie at the movie's unveiling in Moscow next week (beg19Jul10) - to give the event a unique twist.
And they have even hinted that Jolie herself asked for the spy to be invited to the premiere - but organisers have so far failed to track her down.
Promoter Igor Dubinin tells Russian news website Lifenews, "How are we going to look for Chapman? We have no idea. But since it's a personal request... we'll do everything possible."
So far Salt's Russian promoters have sent an invite to Chapman's last known address in the country, but have not received a reply.
Chapman is currently being debriefed at an undisclosed government compound in Moscow and is unable to use her cell phone, reports the New York Post.