Derek Webb, a private detective who performed freelance surveillance work for Rupert Murdoch's now-defunct News of the World , claims that he followed at least 150 celebrities and politicians for as many as 30 journalists working for the tabloid. Among those he tailed, he said, were Angelina Jolie, Princes William and Harry, and News International critic and M.P. Tom Watson. Webb told Britain's Guardian newspaper that he is willing to testify as a witness for any of the NoW 's victims who have decided to sue the newspaper. The Guardian said that a dossier compiled by Webb about his surveillance work for the NoW will be introduced at the Leveson hearing, which is currently holding hearings into the scandal that destroyed the 168-year-old tabloid. Webb said that he had decided to come forward after NoW refused to pay him the same severance pay that it offered to other NoW freelancers when the paper shut down "If we get to a situation when they are saying, 'Are you willing to give evidence?' I'm definitely not going to say no. Why should I?" he told the Guardian.