Angelina Jolie has confessed her partner Brad Pitt only began humanitarian work after they got together.
The couple - who met on the set of 2005 movie Mr + Mrs Smith - set up the Jolie Pitt Foundation in 2006.
But Jolie admits Pitt did not start charity campaigning until after he met her.
She tells the July edition of Vanity Fair, "Brad's passion for international affairs was actually one of the things that brought us together. Though he wasn't as publicly active, I found him to be very aware of the world, very curious, very compassionate.
"In his private way, he had been doing a lot. When we met, we realised our common goals were that we both wanted to be involved in the world and see what we could do.
"When it comes to common goals - orphans, orphans' rights, children - we support each other. It brings us together and makes our relationship work."