Movie beauty Angelina Jolie has returned to Kenya for a United Nations poverty-eradication project - after her romantic holiday in the east African country with actor Brad Pitt alerted her to the region's suffering.

The Mr And Mrs Smith co-stars enjoyed a relaxing break in Kenya last month (APR05) fuelling speculation they are secretly dating each other.

And the 29-year-old actress and UN ambassador was so moved by the famine and disease faced by local residents, she has traveled to a Sauri village with her adopted son MADDOX and JEFFREY SACHS, a special advisor to the UN secretary general, on the eradication of global poverty.

Jolie has allowed a television crew to film her during the trip, in a bid to raise awareness of Sach's MILLENNIUM VILLAGES PROJECT, which aims to help impoverished African villages by providing electricity, medical care and access to markets.

31/05/2005 03:21