A freelance photographer is accusing security guards protecting the set of Angelina Jolie's latest movie of punching and threatening him at gunpoint. The Associated Press photographer claims he was threatened on Friday (13OCT06), the second run-in between the star's security and the news media this week. Jolie and her family are in the western Indian city of Pune to film scenes for the movie A MIGHTY HEART, which is based on the life of slain journalist DANIEL PEARL. The photographer representing the AP, GUAUTUM SINGH, insists he gained legitimate access to the set, but was accosted by security after giving Jolie his business card. Singh handed the star his card during a break in filming and was then approached by one American security guard and two Indian guards, all of whom verbally abused him. Singh says one of the Indian guards punched him in the face and he swung back, also hitting the guard in the face. Then, he said, the other Indian guard "grabbed me and the first guard punched me again". The photographer says the first Indian guard then drew a gun and said he would be shot if he did not leave. He was then released and collected his equipment and left the film set. Jolie did not witness the incident, he said, adding that his face was bruised under his right eye but he was otherwise unhurt. The actress and her boyfriend Brad Pitt were involved in a dust-up with the media earlier this week (08OCT06) when they were leaving their hotel and one of their security guards roughed up a British photographer trying to take their photo.