Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's son Pax was so institutionalised by the orphanage they adopted him from, he had to be taught how to have a bath. Jolie reveals to Reader's Digest magazine the three-year-old has acclimatised to life in a family now - two months after they brought him back from Vietnam in March (07) - but found even the simplest things hard to comprehend at first. Jolie says, "The first two days, he cried a lot. I hired a translator, and he would explain what was going on. The first night, I slept alone with him. I was expecting him to wake up and scream, but he woke and just stared at me. I handed him a stuffed animal, and we walked around the room pointing at things. By day three, he didn't want me to put him down. I think he got used to the reality that somebody loves you and that's what a mommy is. "Pax is almost three and a half and has never made a real decision for himself because everybody does everything in a group in the orphanage. There were all these things he'd never had. The first time I gave him a bath, he was suddenly laughing, out of his mind. He took five baths in one day. We'd be talking and he'd take his clothes off and run into the bathroom."