Angelina Jolie's adoption of an Ethiopian orphan has given hope to thousands more parentless children, because her example has sparked a huge interest in adoption.

Agencies in Ethiopia have been flooded with calls because hopeful parents in America are now considering giving homes to other children from the African nation.

Earlier this summer (05), Jolie adopted Zahara Marley, giving her four-year-old Cambodian son MADDOX a sibling.

And since setting up home with the little girl in the US, interest in adoption rates in Ethiopia have surged among the four US agencies that arrange adoptions in the poverty-stricken country.

CHERYL CARTER-SHOTTS, director of Americans For African Adoption, says, "We began to be flooded with calls and emails from people wanting information."

Meanwhile, Adoption Advocates International reports that requests have doubled since Jolie's journey to Ethiopia.

VICKI PETERSON, director of Wide Horizons For Children, which Jolie used, notes, "It's very exciting to give these children a future."