Angelina Jolie's New York hairstylist is urging Britain's CAMILLA, Duchess of Cornwall to start wearing jeans and cowboy boots if she wants to win over the American public.

Camilla, who became Prince Charles' wife in April (05), will arrive in the US tomorrow (01NOV05) for her first official tour of the country with her husband.

And while the American public has yet to warm to the duchess in the same way they did when Prince Charles' ex-wife, the late DIANA, Princess Of Wales, arrived on their shores in the 1980s, TED GIBSON has a little advice for her.

He says, "She should wear jeans, cowboy boots and a really great Marc Jacobs jacket. A more youthful appearance will give people the idea that she's a little hipper, more understanding, more accessible - that's the way to each out to Americans."

But SIMON DOONAN, the British-born creative director of Barneys New York, insists there's nothing wrong with her image, explaining, "She already has an iconic look, and to screw around with that would be a huge mistake... People say she's so frumpy, but they don't realise the tweed skirt and Wellington boots and twin sets and that English country look is what turns people on. (Prince Charles) doesn't want her to look like Joan Collins."