Hollywood star Angelina Jolie's hairbrush is up for sale on auction site eBay.com, with fans already bidding over $36,000 (GBP20,000) for the chance to own a piece of her hair strands.

The stunning actress used the brush on set of THE GOOD SHEPHERD in New York earlier this summer, and accidentally left the item behind for a cleaner to keep.

The Canadian seller MS MOMSY enthuses, "I was given this brush as a gift by my cousin because she knows how much I love Angelina Jolie. This brush was accidentally left on the vanity table in Angelina's dressing trailer, it was the only item that was forgotten.

"Angelina was seen using this brush before she left her trailer. I'm assuming that this was one of Angelina's favourite hairbrushes because it looks like it was used often, there are cracks on the back (and front) of the brush.

"I took a piece of hair out of the brush and put it into my album for safe keeping (there is hair still in the brush)."

The auction ends tonight (24OCT05).