One of Angelina Jolie's tattoos has become a very painful reminder of her marriage to BILLY BOB THORNTON - she's desperately trying to get it removed.

The TOMB RAIDER star has opted to have the skin art she once swore she'd never get tired of removed by a high-energy pulse laser - and she admits the smell and the pain have made her regret ever having it.

The actress, who also had Billy Bob's name tattooed above her genitals, says, "The worst part is the smell. Everybody has to wear a surgical mask because of the smell of burning flesh.

"I've had five treatments so far and have a few more to go. It doesn't hurt much more than getting the tattoo in the first place. It just hurts in a different sort of way."

And the tattoo hasn't been a problem just for Jolie - the director of the Tomb Raider sequel, Jan De Bont, has also struggled to cover it up.

He says, "We've had major problems with the tattoo. We tried covering it up with make-up but it always pops through on the screen. You can still read Billy Bob.

"We've been using the computer to take it out. It's practically become another special-effect shot."

11/07/2003 19:18