Angelina Jolie's plans to adopt a Russian baby have been met with opposition from politicians who claim she has failed to follow official procedures.

The TOMB RAIDER star, 29, has upset nationalists after she visited several Moscow orphanages in person, because foreign parents are expected to choose a child from a central registrar with the help of photographs.

LUBOV BLIZHINA, a parliamentary deputy with nationalist party the LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF RUSSIA, says, "Right now it's too easy for foreigners to adopt our children. Once the children are taken out of Russia we have no way of checking that they are being well treated.

"This wave of foreign adoptions, including Jolie's case, is very suspicious to us."

A friend of Jolie's tells British newspaper THE SUNDAY TIMES, "She knows from bitter experience that sometimes you have to cut through red tape to save a child and she is more willing to do that."

Jolie, who is already mother to Cambodian-born MADDOX, has her heart set on adopting seven-month-old GLEB.

24/10/2004 14:02