Stunning actress Angelina Jolie is eager to start having sex again - after more than a year without it.

The Tomb Raider beauty, adopted mother of two-year-old MADDOX, claims she has not slept with anyone since the breakdown of her marriage to second husband Billy Bob Thornton.

But Jolie, who has been linked to her Alexander co-star Val Kilmer, is looking forward to having sex once again - and the lucky man who gets chosen for the job doesn't need to marry her.

She says, "I can just do without it for now. But I'm sure sooner of later... I'm starting to really want it and miss it again.

"I didn't have many lovers. But I married so many of them and I was in serious relationships for so long and I've never really had just lovers. Maybe I'll start."

20/10/2003 08:54