Sexy actress Angelina Jolie's lesbian lover has been revealed as her FOXFIRE co-star Jenny Shimizu.

Tomb Raider beauty, 28, met the former Calvin Klein model on the set of their 1996 cult flick and immediately fell in love.

Jolie, ex-wife of actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, recently said of Shimizu, "I was surprised when I found myself having the feelings for this woman that I had only previously felt for men. I wanted to kiss and touch her.

"I fell in love with her. I just suddenly noticed this woman's sweater and the way her pants fitted and I thought, 'My God!' I was getting incredibly strong sexual feelings.

"I'm not saying I'm gay. I'm just saying I find women attractive sometimes. I probably would have married Jenny if I hadn't married Jonny.

"Whether I'm loving a man or a woman, it makes no difference to me."

Meanwhile, 36-year-old Shimizu counts Jolie as just one of many beautiful conquests, boasting, "I've been with every fine girl there is in the world. I've even French-kissed Christy Turlington."

01/08/2003 09:35