Sexy actress Angelina Jolie gave up on her vow not to film a second installment of Tomb Raider during an emotional moment - when she tried on her old Lara Croft costume.

The brunette stunner admits she swore off reprising her role as the computer game heroine - until she got a glimpse of the outfit she used to don.

She says, "As soon as we finished the first one, it was, 'Never again.' But after two years, I was waiting in the hotel room, and I opened the suitcases with all the boots, leg straps and guns.

"I put the belt and the boots back on, and I kind of missed it. It's like putting on a favourite suit again."

The OSCAR-winning beauty's moment lead to her shooting the soon-to-be-released sequel LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER: THE CRADLE OF LIFE.

28/04/2003 09:29