Angelina Jolie's Cambodian conservation project is under threat from settlers moving into the protected area and clearing forest land for farming.

The Alexander actress has donated $1.5 million (GBP800,000) to help conserve Pailin in the northwest of the south east Asian country.

But CAMBODIAN VISION IN DEVELOPMENT (CVID) says 1,000 people have set up home five kilometres (three miles) inside the protected area in Pailin so they have urged the Cambodian government to stop land encroachment in the region or else their project could fail.

Spokesperson MOUNH SARATH says, "The new settlers will attract more people to the area. Any expansion of new settlement will affect our conservation work. Our project might even fail."

Pailin's deputy governor IENG VUTH says local authorities plan to evict the illegal settlers before their numbers swell to unmanageable proportions.

08/02/2005 13:57