Actress Angelina Jolie wants to make one thing clear - becoming a committed humanitarian doesn't mean she's lost her sexual appetite.

The Tomb Raider babe has recently undertaken work for the UNITED NATIONS (UN) as a goodwill ambassador, and is releasing a book of her journals - NOTES FROM MY TRAVELS - she kept as she toured Asia promoting the U.N.'s humanitarian projects.

However, Angelina - who stated this month (OCT03) she's ready to take a lover again following her split from husband Billy Bob Thornton last year (02) - is keen to dispel the assumption her charitable work has affected her infamous sexual nature.

She exclaims, "A journalist asked me the other day if I was still a sexual person. As if you can't be a humanitarian and sexual!

"Well, I want you to know I am exactly the same person I was before I became a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. I'm still a person of extreme emotion. I'm still wild and sexy!"

22/10/2003 17:39