Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie allows her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton to see her adopted son MADDOX - even though the actor only parented the young tot for three months.

The movie beauty and Thornton adopted Maddox from a Cambodian orphanage in March 2002, but went on to split only three months later (JUN02).

In divorce papers filed that July (02), Jolie asked for sole custody of the adorable baby, which was granted in May 2003.

Jolie says, "We're talking at some point every week.

"Billy Bob isn't cut off from Maddox. I spent the early part of this year (04) in LA doing voiceovers for Shark Tale (new animated film) and Billy Bob saw Maddox on a regular basis.

"They're developing a very good relationship."

09/07/2004 17:35