Stunning actress Angelina Jolie's status as a single woman has taken its toll on her nocturnal activities - it's been an extremely long time since she last had sex.

The GIRL, INTERRUPTED beauty, who recently divorced eccentric actor BILLY BOB THORNTON, is now mother to her two-year-old adopted son MADDOX, which has taken away the focus of dating and finding a new man.

And since embarking on her calmer lifestyle, Jolie is amused at the way fans still view her as an icon of sexiness.

She says, "Considering I haven't had sex in a really long time, I find that really funny!"

But Jolie does have moments when she feels sexy - but it's usually when she's in the least appealing places for passionate lovemaking.

She explains, "I feel sexy when I feel really wild. I feel sexy when I'm sweaty and hot in the middle of the jungle, or in the middle of the desert."

02/07/2003 21:15