Angelina Jolie would like to have a private meeting with Jennifer Aniston, to reassure the former FRIENDS star her relationship with Brad Pitt didn't start until after their marriage faltered. Jolie says she and Pitt formed a strong friendship on the set of MR + MRS SMITH in 2004 and "became a pair". The Oscar winner insists she was busy bringing up her adopted son MADDOX and it was clear to her during filming that Pitt was "with his best friend, someone he loves and respects". However, Pitt and Aniston split in January 2005 and the actor was photographed holidaying with Jolie in Kenya in May 2005 - confirming long-held media speculation they were dating. Jolie briefly met Aniston on set of the action comedy, but insists, "It wasn't a proper meeting. We've, liked, passed each other and said, 'Hi.' Shook hands. "But not a real sit-down meeting. That would be her decision and I would welcome it." Jolie and Pitt are now parents to adopted children Maddox and ZAHARA, and biological baby SHILOH NOUVEL.