LATEST: Angelina Jolie was not a passenger in the car which hit a teenage biker in Pune, India on Wednesday (11OCT06). Student MITTAL RAWAT was knocked off his motorbike when a Toyota Qualis collided with him before fleeing the scene. Police are investigating the driver of the vehicle, which was originally thought to be carrying Jolie in the backseat. Following the incident, local officials have decided to step up security measures surrounding Jolie and boyfriend Brad Pitt, who are currently filming A MIGHTY HEART in the region. Pitt is producing the film adaptation of A Mighty Heart, which stars Jolie as the book's author MARIANE PEARL, whose husband DANIEL PEARL was killed by Islamic extremists in Pakistan four years ago (02). Police officer RS KHAIRE says, "We have increased the security for Ms Jolie to see that incidents like this do not happen again. We are not taking this incident lightly." ARTI SURENDRANATH of Kailash Picture Company, who are managing the movie's shooting schedule, insisted Jolie was not in the vehicle during the time of the hit-and-run accident, but added, "It's a small incident which has been blown out of proportion."