Oscar winner Angelina Jolie is desperate to have more children, because she prefers being a mother to being a Hollywood actress. The star and partner Brad Pitt are already parents to MADDOX, five, ZAHARA, 23 months and SHILOH, six months. Jolie insists she loves what they have brought to her life, and will only take on movie roles if they don't take her away from her family. She explains, "I'm very, very lucky. I love the different elements of my life. I love working abroad and I love being with my kids and I love being with Brad. "I'd like to add many more children and many more obstacles and many more things to my life. "I don't think I've shot for more than seven weeks on a movie in two years. I need to make sure I have time with my kids." Jolie claims she makes every effort to ensure her children have a normal life, despite their parents fame adding, "I've made a point not to let it change the way I live my life, other than I carefully plan my holidays or where we go or where we stay or things like that to try and ensure some kind of quality of life that is private and nice for the kids. But we simply don't let it affect us."