Angelina Jolie would like to settle into a relationship with a man so her young son MADDOX can call him 'Daddy'.

The Hollywood beauty, 29, who has been married to Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, misses the intimacy of being in a relationship - as well as her three-year-old child having a father figure in his life.

Jolie says, "I miss it only when I'm tired or I see other couples very close and loving.

"Sometimes you would like someone to hold you late at night and be supportive when you're feeling a bit lonely.

"There are some days when he (Maddox) asks me about 'Daddy' and that makes me think more about the idea of being with someone.

"It probably won't be that easy for me to find that man, but it's something I'm maybe more open to now because Mad is getting older and more independent himself.

"He would like to be able to call someone 'Daddy'."

27/10/2004 17:36