OSCAR-winning actress Angelina Jolie's efforts in helping the world's refugees have led to her being crowned the top Celebrity Do-Gooder by TWIST magazine.

The TOMB RAIDER star is a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSION FOR REFUGEES, which provides things like food, water, shelter and medical assistance to refugees.

Jolie, adoptive mother of three-year-old Cambodian MADDOX, has travelled the world, speaking at schools and public events in efforts to raise awareness of the plight of the poverty-stricken and donates a third of all her earnings to charity.

She says, "I believe that everyone has a choice: to be a person who does nothing, or a person who does something to make the world better. Maybe you can't fix it. But at least you didn't do nothing."

The top 10 in the poll is as follows:


2. Jessica Simpson + Nick Lachey

3. Nelly


5. Ben Affleck

6. Alicia Keys

7. Tyra Banks

8. Justin Timberlake

9. Drew Barrymore

10. Jennifer Lopez

22/12/2004 02:52