A car carrying Angelina Jolie knocked down a teenage motorbiker in Pune, India on Wednesday night (11OCT06). The actress was sitting reading in the backseat of the Toyota Qualis when it collided with 19-year-old MITTAL RAWAT as her driver was attempting to escape pursuing paparazzi. Luckily Rawat escaped with only minor bruises, but reported the incident to local police after the driver continued driving and did not stop to check if he was hurt. Rawat tells the Indian Express newspaper, "Two vehicles were also proceeding in the same direction and tried to overtake me. One of the vehicles brushed against my motorcycle and I fell down. Both the vehicles sped away without stopping." Senior police inspector GOVIND PAWAR says the driver may be charged with rash and negligent driving, adding, "It is a serious offence and the driver can be arrested if found guilty." Jolie and boyfriend Brad Pitt are in India filming A MIGHTY HEART, an adaptation of MARIANE PEARL's book about her late husband, Wall Street journal reporter DANIEL PEARL, who was murdered by Islamic extremists in Pakistan in 2002.